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A delegation of ambassadors and senior diplomats from the European Union expressed thei solidarity in Israel at a series of events held in Jerusalem Wednesday by The Israel Project (TIP), following Sunday’s terrorist attack in which four soldiers were killed.
The events were held under the slogan “United Against Terror,” and were designed to bring the various nations which have been affected by terrorism together.
EU Ambassador to Israel Lars Faarborg-Andersen compared Sunday’s ramming attack with similar attacks which have taken place in Europe recently:
“We are here in solidarity with the victims and the families of this terrible terror incident that took place a couple days ago in Jerusalem and took the lives of four young people in a totally meaningless way. » Ambassador Faarborg-Andersen said. « I think, as your truck also demonstrates, that terrorism strikes everywhere – Nice, Jerusalem, Berlin. This is the whole point. Nobody is free from terror, irrespective of where we happen to be on the planet. That’s the reason why it is so necessary for all of us to show solidarity internationally and cross-border [sic] in fighting this despicable phenomenon which we have so tragically seen strike here again in Jerusalem. Our hearts and thoughts go out, of course, to the victims and their bereaved families. And I think that we collectively must do all we can to fight this scourge and end this meaningless and tragic death.”
Tony Kay, the Deputy British Ambassador to Israel said: “The scourge of terrorism blights us all and is never justified under any circumstances.”
French First Secretary Jean Marie Druette said that Francefaces similar terrorist threats to Israel. “France, like Israel, has been dealing for many years with the threat of terror. We know what it is. We show solidarity and stand strong together with you in the uncompromising fight against this shocking phenomenon.”
Italian Ambassador to Israel Francesco M. Talò said that every western country is a potential target for terrorism. “We have to be united. That’s why I’m here, because when we are hit by terrorists we are hit altogether. It can happen in Jerusalem, in Berlin, in Paris, in Italy maybe – up until now it didn’t happen in Italy – but we know that we are always victims… we have to fight altogether, and we will win altogether, because the barbarians will not prevail.”
TIP Vice-President Lior Weintraub praised the events and said that they show that Israel is not alone in its battle against terrorism. « The West, Israel included, stands strong and united against terror in all of its forms. This initiative demonstrates the great solidarity and empathy that Israel has received across the globe during the current wave of terror… Just as Israel stands with the rest of the world in the face of terrorism, we call on the world to continue standing with Israel.”



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